Disruptive trends in the environment of engine remanufacturing like the switch from combustion engines to electrical drivetrains, tighter restrictions from engine manufacturers and new emission limits for on road and off road engines will have an influence on turnover and margins in engine remanufacturing business. The future reman processes have to be streamlined and have to use more available data. New reman technologies with manageable investment cost can help to cut cost and save cores. The webinar will first show data driven processes in service and maintenance and introduce the reman technology “Cold Spray” as measure to treat damaged cores with additive material.
Join the APRA Europe Expert Webinar by Clemens Ortgies and get insights into this topic.
Clemens Ortgies is Manager for Sales & Services at YC Europe GmbH and he is Board Member of APRA Europe (representing FIRM).
His webinar about “ New technologies in component remanufacturing ” will be held on 26 May 2021 from 17:00-17:45, CEST.

Participation is free of charge. Register via europe@apra.org and mention date of webinar, your name and company name.

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