Member Appreciation

APRA Europe regularly honours long-time members


As a special recognition, our members received certificates and appreciation plaques for their membership anniversaries.

In 2020, we honoured 16 members for 5 years up to 40 years of membership. Due to the fact that we have both low fluctuation and so many long-time memberships, we believe that our community has a very strong cohesion and dedication to our common goals.

Thank you to all our members for your constant support. Let us make the Voice of Remanufacturing still stronger in the future.

Members are welcome to send their photo of the anniversary certificate to and we are happy to place it on our website as well as in further marketing communication.

APRA Europe honours IKA for
20 years membership

IKA: 20 years dedicated to remanufacturing

In 2000, IKA Germany joined APRA Europe.Time to look back on 20 years of fruitful cooperation in the remanufacturing industry. As a leadig supplier for rotating electric components IKA Germany was and is a keystone to successful remanufacturing by providing the relevant spare parts. Together with APRA Europe we give this important industry a voice! 

APRA Europe honours Lizarte for
20 years membership

APRA Europe honours Lizarte for 20 years membership

“From Lizarte we want to thank APRA on behalf of all the companies that are dedicated to remanufacturing, for the great work of enhancing our products in the automotive sector. For another 20 more years!”, says Oscar Huarte, CEO of Lizarte.

About Lizarte:
Lizarte is a remanufacturer of auto parts since 1973 that offers internationally a wide range of steering & power steering racks, air conditioning compressors and diesel injection systems (injectors and pumps) under ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 quality certificates.


In 2018, during Automechanika Frankfurt, APRA Europe made a unique campaign. All exhibiting members of APRA Europe received a nice trophy which is reading:

“Our company pursues the most sustainable business model. Remanufacturing saves
79% of CO² emissions
85% of raw materials
55% of energy
(compared with new production)”

This trophy was handed over as an eye-catching feature for our members’ booths which highlights the importance and beneficial business of remanufacturing.



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