APRA Europe director Dr. Daniel C. F. Köhler and Rematec director Yorien de Ruijter announced that they have prolonged their partnership agreement. 

De Ruijter says, “With Rematec being the only dedicated remanufacturing exhibition and APRA the voice of the remanufacturing industry since 1941, our partnership is a logical and long-lasting industry benefit. Aiming to bring the remanufacturing industry forward with representation and trade, this dedicated partnership has proven its value for the entire industry for many years already and I am pleased to announce we’ll continue to do so.” 
With APRA being a founding partner of Rematec, the partnership is periodically reviewed for its effectiveness to both parties. Combining APRA’s unique expertise in the automotive remanufacturing industry and Rematec’s in-depth knowledge of industry needs in terms of trade, networking and distributing industry knowledge, APRA can help its members take their trade ambitions to the next level while exhibiting at Rematec Amsterdam or Rematec Asia. 

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